printable stationary

Hi friends! I hope your Saturday is going well. As you may know, I have quite a handful of penpals and I am super obsessed with paper products. I was bored of my regular stationary, so I decided to have a look on Pinterest and see what free printables were available. To my surprise, only a small selection exists. Instead of spending time searching for more, I resolved to make my own and share. All of the designs were created from doodles in my sketchbook and other random pieces of paper. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and make sure to share with your friends. (I'd love to see you put them to good use, so show me on instagram: use #freeprintablesarerad and tag me, @lauralucy_f.) To download, simply click on "here" and then hit the download button. Do not print directly from the link, as the design will be much smaller.

click here to download "grid" (the last one I'm holding)

click here to download "moth 2"

click here to download "moth 3"

click here to download "moth 1" (the third one peeking out)

click here to download "confetti"

(just a little thing: I love you all, but please don't claim these as your own; if you'd like to utilize them for a purpose beyond personal use, please ask permission. Thanks!)

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