Dust | DIIV
Ocean Bed | King Krule
Full Collision | Violens
Swimming Field | Memory Tapes
Taken By The Tide | Mystery Jets
Get Over Yourself | James Supercave
Just Like Tropical-L | Soft Powers
Running | Legs
Boxing Day | Carroll

I don't know how it happened, but this list is eleven songs long... again. Maybe that will become the norm. I actually struggle to resist creating a list of twenty or thirty or forty or fifty songs. I promise I'll  keep it at eleven (or less), though. For quite a while now, I've been making my lists in the evening, rather than at two in the morning; I must say, it's pretty strange. Not that I am going to bed any sooner, but I'm usually illustrating at that time instead. 

I have a grand urge to write tonight, but I have so many other things to get done, so I suppose that I will keep it brief. DIIV put out their sophomore album, Is the Is Are, about two weeks ago, and I've been listening to it nearly non-stop, ever since. Oh gosh, what can I say? First off, it's been a long three years (since Oshin, their debut). And second, this album has everything: it's honest, it's raw, it's deep and dark. The distressed sonic endeavor swirls around you in wisps of tortured guitar riffs and hazed noises that are too good to resist. I chose "Dust" as the opening song for this week; I feel it works as a perfect sample of the album. "Dust" is a heavy song, but it has a (rare) beautiful, listenable quality.  

James Supercave released the debut album, Better Strange, on Friday. I reviewed the EP, The Afternoon, in one of my Best of 2015 posts, so I won't talk too much about the album today. But, I do advise you to listen to it. It is most definitely something different and refreshing. 

I guess this playlist is pretty calm overall, but infused with frenzied guitars and crescendos. I really love every song. "Taken By The Tide" is one of my favourites off of Curve Of The Earth (it's impossible to choose just one favourite, the entire album is just too beautiful). And "Spanish Sahara" is a song that I never get enough of. Foals have so many great pieces, but that one always captures my attention. Enjoy! xx

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