little city love

Today's post is all about Little City Love, a charming, paper-loving company who reminds us of just how valuable words (especially written ones) are. Part of the reason I am such a big fan of them is my grand passion for the written word--a passion that they obviously share. Paired with beautiful typography, sometimes profound, sometimes quirky quotes, adorable illustrations, and so much more, cards and prints from Little City are sure to restore or even develop that love for the written word in you (the one which seems lost and hard to find lately). The cards and prints are of a wonderful quality, there is just one problem... you may want to keep them all for yourself. So, head over to their website, here, to find the gems I've pictured or to find other marvelous goods. xx

otter perfection | flat card
I will follow | folded card (on clearance now!)
Pissarro | flat card
I will wait | folded card (on clearance now!)
bear with me | folded card (on clearance now!)
I'm hare for you | folded card (on clearance now!)
Mexican proverb | flat card

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