the new year

Well, 2015 has actually been full of much unexpected success. I'm not really one to make New Year's resolutions (you should be entitled to a fresh start at whatever time you please), but in January, I promised myself that I'd focus more time on creating art and doing what I love--the opposite of what I had resolved in past years. We only have so many days to turn our dreams into a reality, so I decided to take a bold step and disregard the obsessively rational voice in my head--the one which dictates the majority of my actions--and I let go of activities that drained me of my creativity. Letting go was challenging. Previously, I had attempted to push art out of the way for more "important" things. I used to tell myself that all the hours I spent painting, taking photos, drawing, and whatever else, were wasted; art, in the eyes of society, seemed dead. 2015 was different. Not that people changed, but my perspective did. And it all started with a silly, little app called Instagram. Prior to this year, I firmly believed social media was absolutely pointless: an escape from reality that people basked in for far too many seconds, minutes, hours of the day. Sure, I had a blog before, but I purely kept it up to document some shallower thoughts that would run through my head on occasion. I didn't understand virtual friendships or sharing nearly every second of your life or complaining about how poorly your day had gone. I didn't see beyond the foolish veil that graces over apps like Instagram and Twitter. Anyway, I decided to abandon my old blog (and with it my one resolution). I tried to push aside the guilt that came with that action, but it didn't dissipate. So reluctantly, I searched for another outlet that would allow me to share my photography, but without the commitment that packages itself into a blog. That's when I turned to Instagram. Long story short, I learned that I was completely wrong about social media. The app fostered many, genuine friendships, allowed me to share what I felt was beautiful, and inspired me to return to blogging and even open my Etsy shop. It introduced me to a community of people who share the same passions as I do and that is what excites me most.

So, I am saying goodbye to 2015 with an overwhelmingly good feeling. I can't wait to see what 2016 has in store, in fact I've already got some new and exciting things planned that are sure to surface in the very near future. I hope that you, too, are leaving 2015 behind on a similar note. Have a safe night full of  laughter, dancing, and sparkle. See you next year! xx  

dress | ASOS
headband | H&M
shoes | Forever 21

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