a b o u t

Hi friends! I'm Laura and here are a few things you should know about me:

-I spend a lot of my time photographing pretty things and places.
-I have been painting for nearly my entire life; oils and watercolor are my favorite mediums.
-I am a warm weather enthusiast (so summer is the best time of the year).
-I love to visit antique shops. There are countless stories to learn from all of the scattered, sometimes fragile items.
-Embroidery is great and I do it pretty much in any place and at any time that I can.
-Writing fascinates me and I believe that words can be incredibly powerful.
-I collect vinyl and I have a vast space in my heart for music (especially rock).
-I am fond of deer.
-Audrey Hepburn is my favorite human.
-Plants make me happy. (I don't know if I make them happy, though; I tend to unintentionally kill most of them)
-I have an obsession with typography and design.
-I use the word lovely too much.
-I (hand)write letters to friends. 
-I own many, many striped garments. 
-My left eyebrow is my favorite. 
-I'm a flower picker, especially of wildflowers.  
-I'm absolutely in love with the '70s. 
-I love Jesus and I love people. 
-I am a freelance illustrator (and I illustrate for Local Wolves Magazine). 

I started this blog with the hopes that I would impact, at least, some of you with my creativity and words. My passion for finding beauty, even in the most hideous situations, is something that I feel God gave me to share with others who may struggle to do the same. I simply desire to capture as much as a shred of His immense love for us and pass it onto all of you. xx