Another long overdue list, but that shouldn't come as a surprise anymore. Better late than never. And this one is gold too. Mainly because Born Ruffians released a new song (and wonderfully beautiful video) that I can't stop listening to and of course it's on this playlist. Oh, and because one of my favorites from The Beatles is too and because two covers of two songs I love by two bands I love are too and because there's a new one from Sunflower Bean and Richard In Your Mind and NE-HI and Paul Cherry and Tennis and Sagamore too.

   nov / one
   Forget Me | Born Ruffians
   I Was a Fool | Sunflower Bean
   Happiness Is A Warm Gun | The Beatles
   All I Can Do | Richard In Your Mind
   What’s The Point | Faye Webster
   Christine | Wazonek
   Long Time | NE-HI
   Hard On Love | Allah-Las
   Like Yesterday | Paul Cherry
   Offa My Hands | Jessica Lea Mayfield
   Temporary Slave | Ron Gallo
   Born to Be Needed | Tennis
   Running With The World | Spinning Coin
   June | Horsebeach
   The Bridge - Sagamore
   Indian Food | Dumbo Gets Mad
   Harvest Moon | Widowspeak

Hope you enjoy this one and the poster. I'm itching to write again. It's been so very long. Hopefully that will happen over break and make its way to this blog. I've also got some exciting news coming soon (hopefully) regarding a project I've been working very hard on, so be on the lookout for that. xx



Just dropping by to squeeze in my second October playlist and share another poster. This is basically a collection of songs––old and new––that I can never stop listening to. Especially the song "Velvet" by one of my favorite bands, Carroll.

   oct / two
   Velvet | Carroll
   John Wayne | Gillbanks
   Stoner | Drug Cabin
   Breathe (In the Air) | Pink Floyd
   No Exit | Tennis
   French Press | Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
   Laying In The Sun | Tomorrows Tulips
   Take Me My Love | Sagamore
   Expect the Bayonet | Sheer Mag
   & Waiting | Faith Healer
   Everyday | Spendtime Palace
   She Won't Go Away | Faye Webster
   Diamond Anyway | Michael Nau
   I Remember | Sam Evian
   Song of the Highest Tower | Cut Worms
   Fall in Love | The Babe Rainbow
   Horses | Night Moves

Hope you enjoy this one and keep your eyes out for a new playlist soon. xx



I've had this playlist ready to go for over two weeks, but I never had time to actually put it together via Spotify, let alone post it here. I made another poster. This time, everything was done by hand and collaged digitally. It's sort of a hint at that project I am working on that I mentioned so long ago (not the playlist, but the poster).

   oct / one
   From the Sun | Unknown Mortal Orchestra
   Truly Julie's Blues | Cut Worms
   Dreams | Fleetwood Mac
   Turning | Sagamore
   Talk a Lot | SALES
   Blue Cigar | Midnight Sister
   The Grave | Tracy Bryant
   Telephone | The Zephyr Bones
   Try ;-) | Faith Healer
   The Reservoir | Small Forward
   Remember When | Faye Webster
   Dig A Pony | The Beatles
   Hands Up Head Down | Sure Sure
   Canary Island | Houndstooth
   Your City | Night Shop
   Switch | Cass McCombs
   Blue Coupe | Twin Peaks

Hope you enjoy this one! I'll be back with another one very soon because I'm behind on these, as usual. And as always, if you're wondering what I'm listening to throughout the month, check out my big monthly playlist. xx



Well, this playlist is long overdue. I have an infinite amount of work to do within a very limited amount of time, so I've been putting blogging on the backburner, as usual. Anyway, in between class, homework, work, and life, I need a break every so often. And just because my job happens to be doing what I love, a break consists of doing more of that. Which is why I made this poster. Just for fun and to do what I want to do, rather than doing something I am required to do. I might make more posters, I might not. Maybe I'll post more design work in general, but no promises. For now, I hope you enjoy this poster and my playlist. I recommend listening to it in order because the songs transition pretty well into one another. I feel like I say this every time, but I'm really excited about this one. Seventeen is just a perfect amount of songs I guess.

   september / two
   Fish On The Sand | Allah-Las

Hopefully, I'll write a post catching up on the past couple of months. When that'll happen, I have no idea. My schedule is pretty crazy for the rest of the month and with the holiday rush I anticipate it will only get busier. I definitely have to post some photos too. I've been taking some during moments in between everything. Look for another playlist soon. xx



   september / one
   Half a Kiss | The Babe Rainbow
   Dear Prudence | The Beatles
   Outer Space | Liz Cooper & the Stampede
   Velvet Kids | Tracy Bryant
   Low Flyin' Bird | Cass McCombs
   Take My Time | Skinshape
   Visitation | Pool Holograph
   Sun Beholds Me | Hand Habits
   To Be Used | Wake Owl
   Run | Aron D'Alesio
   PMQ | Static Animal
   Beautiful | The Lemon Twigs
   Deeper & Deeper | Dumbo Gets Mad
   By Morning Light | Cotton Jones
   Park Moments | Mango Lane
   Heroes | David Bowie
   Intern | Angel Olsen

It's been a little while since I've posted a new playlist so here's the first one for this month. It's a bit slower than usual, but all of these songs are beautiful and perfect for saying goodbye to summer (or if you live here saying hello again to 90 degree weather). Either way, hope you enjoy. xx