We're well into July now, so it's time for a July playlist. How is it already the 15th? I've been working about 12 hours each day this week. Things I had left unfinished piled up more quickly than I expected. I have a research paper I should be working on--I've been pushing that to the back of my head the most. I love writing essays, but starting them is something I don't love. 

I just finished re-backing and repackaging a batch of 100 enamel pins, which was both relaxing and boring. And now I am eating a slice of watermelon, thinking about the other 100 I'll have to back and package and the irritating mosquito bite situated below my collarbone, and writing this, instead of finishing my homework. The past couple of days have been unbelievably cool for July and I've had the windows open--no a/c. It's also been the perfect temperature for driving around with the wind disrupting my hair and pushing (too short) strands into my face. I took a little road trip today, lacking a destination and listening to this playlist. I think it's a good one for aimless wandering. I almost enjoy the absence of having a place to be more than a planned trip. I tend to accumulate more ideas and become more receptive of beauty amongst my surroundings when I've nowhere to get to. Anyway, go enjoy this playlist and a sunny July day and maybe some wandering (and sweet watermelon). xx 


journal / week 6

I always listen to my discover weekly playlist when I write these posts, which is why they must be so eccentric. This week threw me off (just like that discover weekly right now) since Independence Day was on Tuesday. I still worked on Monday, but then I took Tuesday and Wednesday off. Truly a wild situation.

Anyway last Sunday,  I headed to the beach. It was rather late in the day, so I didn't expect too much traffic. Of course, there was an absurd amount of traffic. I also failed to complete my homework earlier in the week, so I had no choice but to labor over it in the car (no, I wasn't driving). On the topic of distracted driving, I spotted a lady driving while watching Netflix--or should I say watching Netflix while driving, as she was doing a lot more watching rather than driving. Will this be a new, prominent threat on the road?

What felt like hours later, we arrived at a beach, overflowing with bright red backs, sandy towels, and colorful umbrellas. I really hate the word "sunbrella". It's still just an umbrella, whether you use it in the rain or not. And what if it rains on your "sunbrella". Is it still a "sunbrella" then? Hint: that's some foreshadowing right there. For the record, I checked my favorite app, The Weather Channel, before we left and it wasn't supposed to storm until later that night #ad #justkidding. Lazily, I sat on a blanket and admired the water and chose to ignore the dark clouds looming above the lake. Then came the first clap of thunder. No, that's not thunder. Then another, and the same response. And another, and the same response. Then, I felt a few drops of rain and decided it was time to pack everything up. Right as I scrambled to pick up three times my weight, the sky began to pour buckets of water on all of us. As if we were all going to melt, nearly everyone on the beach screamed and ran through the sand and to the parking lot and to the shelter of their cars. I actually quite enjoyed the run. There's nothing like a good summer rain. And guess what! No one melted.

Monday, I slept in too late. That run must have really took its toll. After all, I haven't exercised in the past three or four years (besides walking and taking photos, of course).

Side-note: If this is getting weird, it's because I'm listening to a song in which the word avocado is used multiple times, including in the title. Is this the peak of music in this decade? Perhaps. I must admit it's pretty good, too.

I did a lot of boring work and replied to e-mails. I planned some more of my project. And hey, I wrote my weekly journal. And threw together my monthly playlist for July.

Tuesday was the first day of two that I celebrated Independence Day. I started off by throwing on my girl power t-shirt and heading to Trader Joe's to buy some things to burn on the grill, and more importantly to buy that legendary vanilla ice cream. And don't forget the annual trip to Krazy Kaplan's to get some illegal fireworks #ad #justkidding. Hopefully shooting off illegal fireworks wasn't part of your 4th of July itinerary, as it wasn't part of mine. Safety first. 4th of July is probably one of the only days on which the people of the suburbs enter the great outdoors--more commonly known as the well-manicured patches of grass attached to their homes. And the fireworks happened to be on the 3rd, so make that the 3rd of July. Anyway, I hung out with my family and some family friends. We ate a great dinner and that great ice cream. I played with their dog and considered kidnapping him (he's just so darn cute). And we watched fireworks from the comfort of my deck. It was really wonderful to catch up with everyone. My mom and I couldn't find the sparklers, so no generic sparkler photos this year and no starting accidental fires. Sorry for the disappointment.

Wednesday, I headed to the beach to spend the day relaxing and the evening watching another set of fireworks. On the way there, I was surprised at the lack of traffic. I spent the day pretending to read (while napping), napping, running into the icy water, and avoiding sunburn. This set of fireworks was lovely too.

The next day, I could hardly wake up. I worked on a new piece for most of the day and took my dog on a really long walk. He was pretty excited that the loud noises had faded from the neighborhood and that he could do his business in peace.

Friday, I devoted the day to doing homework since I'm so responsible. There really wasn't any other option since everything was due on Sunday. In the late afternoon, I decided to take a break and do some shopping. I finally bought myself a beautiful, new scanner. I then decided I'd need some extra space and storage so I set out to buy a side-table. I headed to Target and spotted a wall mirror and a perfect side-table. I swiped my card and they were mine. At that point, I was near broke, but I went online shopping and purchased a blanket. I also decided to leave some of my homework for Saturday morning.

Saturday morning came and I had to wake up early. I ran some errands and didn't do my homework. Upon my arrival home, I noticed my scanner had been delivered. I immediately plucked the box from the front step and ran to my room. I unpackaged it and decided to scan a few pieces in. It works beautifully. Later that night, I realized I'd have to finish my homework. I turned in my essay two minutes before it was due. Last time it was four. Practice makes perfect.

Well, that's all for this week. It's been quite an eventful one. Hope you enjoyed my words and these photos. This was probably one of the most spontaneous shoots I've done. I spotted the location a bit ago, but I didn't have plans to come shoot or really much direction for that matter. I love photography for that reason. It's just about the only activity I'm spontaneous in. Anyway, come back for a fresh playlist soon. xx


journal / week 4 + week 5

It looks like I'll be mashing the last two weeks into this post, since I didn't get to that week 4 post, after all. June has gone by hopelessly fast. As if someone swept in and threw a week and then some out of the window without my knowledge. Though time's gone by so quickly, looking back, the weeks seem so long ago that I hardly remember what had happened or what I did. In the summer, I always feel an immense pressure to squeeze as much out of my limited warm days as I can. And I always find myself disappointed come July. There's so much more I could've done. Why didn't I? That's what happens when you set unrealistic goals. It's a lesson that repeats itself in life and maybe something that I'm finally heeding.

No matter how hard I try, summer morphs into yet another busy time for me. And this one might just be the busiest. In between commissions, running my shop, school, family trips, endless errands, personal projects, favors, and self-inflicted responsibilities, I hardly have time for the things I constantly promise myself I'll finally have the time for.

This year, I realized that maybe I don't even care for those unrealistic goals that I set for the summer. Maybe that's why I never truly bother trying to make time for them in the first place. Maybe they're not even unrealistic, but they simply don't align with what I actually want to accomplish. 90% of the time I'm happy with what I do on a daily basis; that's what's important. It's July 3rd and I'm nearly giddy with how good this summer has been thus far. In fact, I've accomplished more of the things on my to-do list than I could've imagined.

Last week, I finished designing a third enamel pin (in case you missed it I also created a "cool cake"). I took some time to draw for part of the project I am working on (hint: the drawing in this post will be part of it). On that topic, I recently decided to abandon all that I had created for it up to this point and to start over the way I had really wanted to. I also completed a lot of homework and spontaneously drove to see the horses at sunset. I designed and illustrated a logo. I rearranged the living room with my mom. More homework. Secret project. And Sunday I ended up at the beach (no sunburn!). 

Monday, I had to block print some more tote bags, since the last one was purchased a few weeks before. It took nearly seven hours. I wrote block printing on my to-do list six times because crossing it off once just wasn't satisfying enough. Block printing is an exhausting task and I didn't do anything after those hours of distorting my back. Tuesday, I worked on another part of that secret project. You must be really excited to find out what this secret project is. I'm probably more enthusiastic about it than you will be, but nevertheless I hope you remain excited. I also picked up prints, trimmed them, packaged illustrations, and headed to the post office. Wednesday, I took care of office work and planning. I responded to e-mails I should've responded to earlier. I don't know what it is, but there's just something dismal about replying to e-mails. Stupid, yes? It's so simple to type and click send, but it's one of my least favorite things to do. That and inputing receipts to Quickbooks. Maybe it's just office work in general that bores me. I planned a couple of pieces and took reference photos and created mood boards. I also created a playlist and posted it here. The next day I packaged more orders and headed to the post office. I ran errands and worked on homework. Friday, I worked on a piece for Local Wolves the entire day. The cake enamel pins arrived at my doorstep and I ripped the package open in excitement. I'm very happy with how they turned out. I watched a video for my art history class. We write a lot of essays and I absolutely love it, though it eats up quite a bit of my time. I turned my essay in 4 minutes before it was due. I guess I'm living life on the edge now. Finally, on Saturday I took most of the day to finish another piece for Local Wolves and the rest of the day to work on my other online class.

That's all for this week. Hopefully the next post will be accompanied with more photos. Happy 4th of July! Stay safe and don't play with fireworks. xx



   june 17 / two
   Diamonds In The Distance | Swarming Branch
   Is It Too Much To Ask | Faye Webster
   Hey Spaceman! | Tracy Bryant
   Rewind | The Undercover Dream Lovers
   Marigold & Gray | TOPS
   Baby Blue Motorcycle | Charles Brand
   Steady | Strongboy
   Eye on You | Sugar Candy Mountain
   Based | The Symposium
   Waiting on Me | New Rose
   Feel Like Giving Up | Eyedress, Teenage Granny
   Venus | Television
   Phase | Triptides
   Caught in My Eye | Kevin Morby
   I'm Just Snacking | Gus Dapperton
   Ordinary People | Twin Peaks
   Diamonds | Kevin Krauter

It's already the end of June, so I guess it's fitting to squeeze this playlist in before the month is over. My weekly journal is going to be delayed until tomorrow because I have just been busy, busy, busy. I block printed all day on Monday, so hopefully I'll get that diy up soon too. Currently, I am about to start working on two new pieces, so I've got to wrap this up. But before I do, I wanted to mention that two of my favorite bands, Carroll and Night Moves, released new music videos. And they're both sublime. Check them out (Carroll's video for "Red Giant" and Night Moves' video for "Kind Luck"). Hope you enjoy this playlist. xx


journal / week 3

Week three of these journal posts and I'm pleasantly surprised by my dedication. Even my shirt (above) proclaims how I feel. This week's photos are a collection of shots from the past couple of days (except for two that I took a bit ago). It was a busy one. And gone in a flash. 

Last Sunday, I took a trip to the beach and successfully avoided sunburn, but not traffic. The sun was tired after the majority of the day passed and was much more forgiving during the time I sat in the sand. Despite this, it was unbearably hot, so I took my first swim of the season. When the wave first gripped my feet it felt as if sharp, icy hands had wrung out my toes. But like the kid near me who shouted out to his friend as he pushed him into the water, it's not that bad after a few minutes. Walk further into the ice bath, pause, and it becomes the perfect temperature. 

Monday, I headed to Trader Joe's to pick up some of my favorite things. Have you ever tried the french vanilla ice cream? It's heaven in a pale-beige, half gallon carton. It comes in a quart too, but that won't last you long enough. I haven't come across richer or more velvet-y ice cream in my entire life. If I could, I would live off of just that luscious ice cream. But, don't worry, I bought some fruit and vegetables too. And lemonade. #ad. Kidding, this is not an ad, I just love Trader Joe's. It's the best grocery store. 

I spent Tuesday working. Working and taking a few trips to Target (I went twice). I caught up with things I've been meaning to complete but haven't had the chance to. I also worked on my assignments for those classes I decided to burden myself with (actually, they're pretty enjoyable classes but admitting that just isn't reality TV material and I know that my description of french vanilla ice cream is). And I got a hair cut. Hair grows back. That is all I am going to say about that. 

Wednesday, I woke up with a sore throat and crazy hair and spent most of the day drawing and then took a spontaneous trip to the Art Institute. I got there about an hour before it closed. It was like a marathon. I raced through as many rooms as possible and absorbed everything I could. I spent most of my short time there looking at modern and contemporary art. There's just something special about running (ok, fast-walking) through an art museum. Try it sometime. The remainder of the evening I spent in the park with the roses and by the lake. Thursday,  I worked too. I was supposed to see Chastity Belt play at one of my favorite venues, but I decided to stay home. 

As soon as the first beams of morning light shot through my curtains on Friday, I woke up and finished my homework. It was the day I'd get to visit my horses. They're not actually my horses, but they're always excited to see us and greet us (and we're there an awful lot), so essentially they are. My mom, brother, and I got in the car and drove over. The sky was littered with storm clouds which rolled in and out, exposing a clear blue sky for random periods of time. The air was pleasant and a joyful breeze brought with it only the best memories of past summers. It couldn't have been a more perfect day to spend watching (and petting) those beauties. I can't describe my love for horses. Maybe it's their velvet soft ears or gentle noses or the fact that they give so much unconditional love. They're like dogs, except much bigger. I can't imagine living on a farm, but if I only had to take care of horses, I would. 

That's it for this week. I'll try to post my next journal on time (so maybe on Saturday). Oh, and that block printing post? Hopefully it'll be up this week since I'll be doing some block printing anyway. Until next time. xx