best of 2017 / pt. 1

Here is the final installment of my best of 2017. It's a week late, but I've had lots of commissions and classes started up again, leaving me with sparse free time. This is yet another portion of the collection of phenomenal albums that I've fallen in love with last year and will continue to enjoy for a long time. I failed to mention this earlier, but despite this being a countdown and appearing in some kind of order, it does not indicate that one album was better than the other. I really can't rank my favorite albums, no matter how hard I try (and I've tried many times when asked). However, I can tell you that part one includes those that I listened to non-stop––driving, sitting at my desk, trying to stay awake and finishing work at two in the morning, walking through buildings, drawing, laying on the floor, dancing, potting new plants, packaging orders. So these are extra special. Oh and in case you need a refresher, it goes song, album, artist. Here we go:

   best of '17 / one
   Right On / Expect the Best / Widowspeak
   Human Being / Messes / Stef Chura
   Choke / Multi-task / Omni
   Stay Gold / You Tried / Hater
   Mexi / Everyone Gets Exactly What They Want / Las Rosas
   Inside Out / Transparent World / Pool Holograph
   Daydreams / Slow Wave / The Velveteins
   Sorry Is Gone / Sorry Is Gone / Jessica Lea Mayfield
   A Tear For Rosie / Gravedigging / The Buttertones
   No Pepper for the Dustman / Que Aura / Kelley Stoltz
   Cosmic Dancer / Cosmic Bear Jamboree / Joel Jerome, Cosmic Bears
   Objects / Capacity / Big Thief
   Sisters / Offers / NE-HI
   A Crowded Room / A Place for Nothing and Everything in Its Place / Tracy Bryant
   Landscape Painter / Out of Range / Gun Outfit
   Velvet / 15 Sunrise / Calico Blue
   The Bridge / Charlemont Reef / Sagamore
   May 1st / Somersault / Beach Fossils
   Count Your Blessings / Mattiel / Mattiel
   Wrong End of a Knife / Aron D’Alesio / Aron D’Alesio
   Shatter / Outside (briefly) / Froth
   Role Model / Ti Amo / Phoenix
   Follow the Leader / Hang / Foxygen
   Try / Please Be Mine / Molly Burch
   City Music / City Music / Kevin Morby
   Nite Life / Wildly Idle (Humble Before the Void) / Hand Habits
   Sun’s Out / Routines / Hoops
   Survival Into the 21st Century / The Babe Rainbow / The Babe Rainbow
   She Won’t Go Away / Faye Webster / Faye Webster
   I Must Work & I Must Die / Beauty & Sadness / Horsebeach 

I also promised that I'd release a project I was working on, but it's not quite complete. In addition to that, I made a site for fifteen of these albums along with posters for each one and coded it myself. I've only got the desktop version done and I'm probably not going to end up working on a responsive design for that one, since I don't have that much time on my hands. Either way, you'll be able to take a look at that soon, so keep an eye out. Hope you enjoyed this list and poster and thanks for stopping by. xx


best of 2017 / pt. 2

Almost through with this big list. Here's part two. These are all albums I never tire of and I hope you'll find that you love them just as much as I do. As a reminder, the song is listed first, album next, and artist last.

   best of '17 / two
   Television Eyes / Indifferent World / Steady Sun
   Waiting on Me / Morning Haze / New Rose
   Only Friend / Bubble Gum / Travis Bretzer
   Malibu 1992 / How Will You Know If You Never Try / COIN
   Soft Love / The Symposium / The Symposium
   Sucker / Love in the 4th Dimension / The Big Moon
   Vibrato / 1992-2001 / Acetone
   Tulsa / Philistines / Pro Teens
   Used to Be in Love / Quiet Ferocity / The Jungle Giants
   Saturday / In Mind / Real Estate
   Park Moments / MANGOLANE / Mango Lane
   Pretty Wonder / Her Kind of Man / Tino Drima
   Her Heart / Steady / Strongboy
   Don’t Worry / I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone / Chastity Belt
   Eastern Holiday / Venomous Blossoms / Shadowgraphs
   So She / Fresh Air / HOMESHAKE
   Good Thing / Some Twist / Michael Nau
   Take My Time / Life & Love / Skinshape
   Baby Don’t Believe / Yours Conditionally / Tennis
   Bones / Belladonna of Sadness / Alexandra Savior
   California / Whichever Way the Wind Are Blowing / Wazonek
   Marigold & Gray / Sugar at the Gate / TOPS
   Fireproof / The Tourist / Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
   On the Level / This Old Dog / Mac DeMarco
   Shimmy / Saturn Over Sunset / Midnight Sister
   Risin’ Sun / Heron / Nassau
   Pool of Rotting Water / Bloodshot Tokyo / The Dig
   Need to Feel Your Love / Need to Feel Your Love / Sheer Mag

Hope you enjoy the music along with the poster and I'll see you soon for the final installment of this little project. xx


best of 2017 / pt. 3

Hope everyone is enjoying the new year so far. I'm dropping by to post another installment of my best of 2017. Part three jumps right into the LPs. As a reminder, the song is listed first, album next, and artist last. All of these albums are excellent and absolutely deserve your time, so give them a listen.
   best of '17 / three
   Lucky Girl / Morningside / Fazerdaze
   Life’s a Lie / Shitty Hits / Katie Von Schleicher
   Road Head / Soft Sounds from Another Planet / Japanese Breakfast
   Aquarian / Painted Ruins / Grizzly Bear
   Time To Die / Fake Laugh / Fake Laugh
   The Fear of Losing This / If Blue Could Be Happiness / Florist
   Abandoned Mansion / Abandoned Mansion / Dr. Dog
   Boji / Stay Cool / Twinsmith
   Country Figs / Forced Witness / Alex Cameron
   Magic Feel / The Pink Haze of Love / White Poppy
   Leech / Stay a While / The Cactus Channel
   Bossa Yoshua / Jazzi Robinson / Mellow Fellow
   Flat Battery / Cartoons / Hollow Everdaze
   Low Rent/Blue Skies / Love You, Mean It / Okey Dokey
   Born into the Sunset / Volcano / Temples
   Lies / Love at Low Speed / Abram Shook
   Walking Blues / Wolf Lie Down / The Fresh & Onlys
   Never Get You Out Of My Mind / Leif Erikson / Leif Erikson
   One Of These Days / Bedouine / Bedouine
   Are U Fucked / Abysmal Thoughts / The Drums
   In Undertow / Antisocialites / Alvvays
   Over Everything / Lotta Sea Lice / Courtney Barnett, Kurt Vile
   I’ve Lost My Dinosaur / Secret Place / The Zephyr Bones
   Eclipse / Underwater Pipe Dreams / Inner Wave
   Humble Pro / Apocalipstick / Cherry Glazerr
   July / Afterglow / Triptides
   Pain / A Deeper Understanding / The War On Drugs

See you next week (or earlier) for part two. And if you're curious to hear the full list, it is already on Spotify and you can check it out here. xx



best of 2017 / pt. 4

It's the end of the year again and I'm here to bring you a very long countdown of my favorite LPs, EPs, and singles of 2017. This year, the list is 113 songs long and I broke it up into four parts and made a poster for each. Starting with part four (which contains only EPs and singles), here is all of the music that glimmered amongst the drab landscape of 2017. Song first, album next, and artist last. Note: quite a few of these are singles and don't belong to an album, thus it is omitted. Hope you enjoy this just as much as I enjoyed putting it all together.

   best of '17 / four
   Die Alone / Ep2 / Slow Pulp
   Candy Wrappers / So Polite / Summer Salt
   Should Have Known / Kindness / Still Parade
   Divine / Furnsss / Furnsss
   Your City / Night Shop / Night Shop
   Nada / Liminality EP / Mellah
   Space / The Gloomies, Madeline Follin
   Shuffle / Vundabar
   My God Has A Telephone / The Flying Stars Of Brooklyn NY
   Subdued / The Delicates / The Delicates
   Sonora / Sonora / Spendtime Palace
   Emotion / Vante / Curls
   Been so Long / Mike Edge / Mike Edge
   Love Grows / Hala
   I’m The Moon / Spooky Mansion
   John Wayne / Gillbanks
   All the Wrong Reasons / Max Gardener
   Special Moment / Post Animal
   Get in My Car / BRONCHO
   Into Me / Strange Names
   Brittany Glasz / Allah-Las
   Like Yesterday / Paul Cherry
   I Remember / Need You / Sam Evian
   French Press / Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
   Lovely Lately / Carl Sagan EP / Night Moves
   Velvet / Carroll
   Forget Me / Born Ruffians

I'll post part three very soon and when I get to part one, I am going to release a project I've been working on for the last two months or so, if all goes as planned. I hope everyone has a great night. Stay safe and have fun. Wishing you all the best in 2018. See you next year! xx



Stopping by to bring you another playlist. I've been so busy with final projects, commissions, frequent post office trips, packaging, and holiday preparations and festivities that I didn't even have a chance to take photos for, let alone write, my annual Christmas post. I really hope I'll get some photos and words up soon. Anyway, here is one playlist to make up for those that I missed in November and December. 

I feel like these songs sound generally uplifting (although some are a bit on the slow side) and are great for the last stretch of 2017. Hope you enjoy, along with the poster. And definitely check back here because the first installment of my Best of '17 is coming very, very soon. xx